Training Programs for Employees

It is particularly important to provide employees with training programs to continuously improve the service quality of employees for meeting the expectations and needs of the company and residents

  • Our designated personnel arrange an orientation for the new employees, so that the new members can familiarize themselves with the working environment and meet the company's requirements in a short time. The training content includes company profile, company system, personnel rules, employee code etc.

  • Our designated personnel/group supervisors arrange on-the-job training in the areas of work guidelines, emergency response, work safety and technical operations to the employees so as to upgrade their knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the company and the law, as well as to enhance their professional level and service quality.

  • External training: we actively participate in various trainings organized by government authorities departments, educating employees about specific knowledge and skills to meet the requirements and guidelines of the government. The Participated training courses are as follows:

    1. General knowledge about First Aid in the workplace (certificate course)

    2. Lectures on the legal system of management of common parts of buildings

    3. Knowledge about Friend of Crime Police (Certificate Course)

    4. Knowledge about Community Fire Safety Officer (Certificate Course)

    5. Knowledge about Urban Rat Control (Certificate Course)

    6. Lectures on Fire Department Ambulance Service

    7. Training for Confined Space Work (Certificate Course)

    8. Knowledge about Liability and Maintenance of Public Electrical Installations in Buildings (Certificate Course)

    9. Training for Fire Safety Officer (Certificate Course)