Facilities & Services

Committed to providing of high-quality and our best professional management services to Ocean Gardens’ residents, we are covering full range of property and facility services, as such it includes financial reports, personnel recruitment/training, purchasing, warehousing, engineering/technical support, etc. We attend to the comfortable and safety services under the management of our five major front-line teams.

Building Attendants and Security Services

Ocean Gardens has a well-trained and professional security team to provide security patrol, guarding the building entrances and exits, visitor registration and records of common failures / damages, handling emergencies, monitoring CCTV footage and handling complaints and inquiries etc.


Control Center

Ocean Gardens has a 24-hour control center, its operational aspects include emergency support, supervision and reporting, manpower deployment arrangements, surprise site inspection and maintain a communication bridge with the company, etc.



Ocean Garden has as a professional cleaning team. On top of a general cleaning team who providing daily cleaning services such as walls, floors, handrails and domestic garbage disposal, etc., there is a heavy duty cleaning team being responsible for deep cleaning and machinery technical cleaning work, include cleaning with special machines or tools, cleaning exterior walls, to clean and maintain stainless steel handrails and elevator doors, polishing and waxing floors, assist to cleaning water tanks/air-conditioning facilities, pest control for insects, rats, termites, bee and snake, etc. 


Maintenance Team and Technical support

Ocean Gardens has an in-house maintenance team dedicated to serve residential and commercial buildings. The team is responsible for the maintenance of common facilities, include water and electricity system, plastering, carpentry work, welding, air-conditioning and electronics system, etc. They are also providing 24-hour emergency maintenance support and professional advice for building project, etc.


In-house technical team performs facilities enhancement works:

  • Optimization and replacement of air conditioners for all buildings

  • Refurbishment of lobby ceiling for all buildings

  • Replacement of water pump control electric boxes for all buildings to prevent equipment failure and water supply interruption

  • Replacement of booster pumps for all buildings to prevent equipment failure and failure and water supply interruption

  • Replacement of electrical control boxes at the entrance and exits of carp park gates for all buildings to prevent equipment failures and system interruption

  • Refurbishment of car park ceiling waterproofing, car park roller shutter and for all buildings partial car park wall repainting

  • Replacement of car park direction and speed signage for all buildings

  • Replacement / Refurbishment of pole ball-lights and wall lamps at the podium for all buildings

  • Optimization of CCTV and anti-burglary monitoring system for all buildings

  • Replacement of power switch, timer and power relays for all buildings to prevent equipment failure and power supply interruption.

  • Replacement / Refurbishment of gym room equipment for some buildings

  • Refurbishment of fire doors and main metal gate doors for all buildings

  • Repainting of fire pipes and water  pipes for all buildings

  • Replacement of floor tiles and movable protection sheet for all buildings elevators

  • Replacement of water tank switches for all buildings to prevent equipment failures and water supply interruption

  • Replacement of floor corridor /podium floor tiles, floor corridor wall tiles, and wall repainting of floor corridor for all buildings

  • Refurbishment of podium , car park and roof wall barrier / railing for all buildings

  • Replacement of fresh water pipes for some buildings

  • Waterproofing works of exterior walls, podium and roofs for some buildings

  • Replacement of elevators for some buildings

  • Refurbishment of exterior wall and replacement of sewage pipe for some buildings


Shuttle Bus

Ocean Gardens was the first housing estate in the 1980s to have its own shuttle buses and driver team, it has a professional team responsible for five traffic driving lines and delivering shuttle bus service to residents between Macau International Bank and Ocean Garden 24 times daily. There are four 25-seat bus and one 9-seat mini buses in operation, and two standby shuttle buses are in reserve basis to attend unexpected road conditions needed. Our professional mechanical technician performs regular inspection to ensure the stability and good condition of the shuttle buses operation.

Shuttle bus service hours: from 7:15 am to 10:00 pm

Shuttle bus schedule and route:  Download
Shuttle bus card application form:  Download



Ocean Gardens has a horticultural team dedicated to offering a full range of gardening maintenance for each building in the estate which has a total area of 28,229 square meters of landscaping with elegant green scenery and a large scope of green plants. Our services range from general gardening maintenance, watering, fertilization carried out by gardeners. A special team will follow various heavy duty and special tasks, including mowing the lawn, felling/pruning of large trees, nurturing seedlings, disposal and handling plant waste and flower mud, etc. A horticulturist works exclusively for Ocean Garden, who particularly arranges appropriate design to beautify the landscaping.



Adding Value

Newspaper / Laundry/ Courier Temporary Storage and Notification

To provide adding value services such as newspaper, laundry and courier temporary storage for residents, building attendants will arrange for pick up at designated location. This service is not only to provide convenience to residents, but also take care of the needs of those who are busy.

Warehouse and Workshop

With more than 30 buildings in Ocean Gardens, and the demand for the operation necessities is extremely high and numerous, we thus set up a warehouse to centrally store and distribute the materials to each building, ensuing the fixed cost are properly shared and achieving the purpose of resources sharing, and resulting in reduction of purchasing cost for buildings.

Besides owning a professional maintenance team, we also run a well-managed workshop to increase the working efficiency of technicians and fulfill the demand of repairing, providing faster and better maintenance services with lower maintenance costs.